Maine Child Custody Laws, Family Law and Parental Rights

Family law matters are difficult. They are emotional and expensive. If you are involved in a Maine child custody laws matter or are considering undertaking a family law matter we highly recommend that you obtain the services of Counsel experienced in family law. At Russell Johnson Beaupain, we have a wealth of experience across the entire range of highly-contested family law matters—divorces, child custody/support, parental rights, spousal support, DHHS proceedings, and event adoptions/surrogacy. Unlike most firms, Russell Johnson Beaupain has seasoned, experienced attorneys to help you when you need it. We’ve represented clients in thousands of family law matters and have extensive courtroom experience in litigating the myriad of nettlesome issues that might arise. We’ll be your counsel from start to finish for all of the legal matters that surround family law and will help you understand Maine child custody laws. We’re here for you and we’ll see you through.

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