No one should be without a basic plan for expected and unexpected future events. Making sure that you have a plan for the “what ifs” and the inevitabilities of life is really important — an ounce of prevention and preparation is worth ten tons of the expensive, uncertain and upsetting cure.

We offer comprehensive, one-stop shopping for Maine estate planning packages at affordable rates. Our packages and services for individuals or couples includes:

  • Wills
  • Advanced Health Care Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Trust Planning, Creation, and Administration (Testamentary, Special Needs, Asset Protection Irrevocable and Revocable)
  • Family Camp Preservation and Business Succession Plans
  • MaineCare Analysis and Planning
  • Probate Matters, Guardianships, and Conservatorships
  • Asset Preservation and Protection
  • Disinheriting Relatives

If you want to make sure that your heirs don’t spend thousands sorting out your estate or trying to figure out your DIY estate planning that you downloaded off the internet, give us a shout. If you don’t want the nursing home to get all of your money, give us a call. Want to make sure Junior doesn’t spend all your hard-earned money on wine, women, and song instead of college, or do you have a family member you want to make sure doesn’t inherit anything? We can help.

Bloomer Russell Beaupain also offers a full range of litigation services to deal with problems arising out of or related to Maine estate planning issues. We regularly deal with those who co-opt wills and powers of attorney or steal money or property from the elderly.

Estranged family members who show up after a death and claim they are entitled to an entire estate are, unfortunately, a common variety of grifter nowadays and we have sound experience and strategies to deal with them. Likewise, when the less-than-beloved granddaughter is siphoning property and money from dear old Grandma with a power of attorney she got her to sign, you’re going to need sage legal counsel to stop her in her tracks. Improvident transfers. Tortious interference with inheritances. Constructive trusts. These are all part of the litigation environment that we deal with on a regular basis when protecting our clients and/or asserting their rights.