You are in trouble and you are upset. You need to talk to someone. Regardless of whether you’ve just received an expensive and unwarranted summons or received a phone call from a member of law enforcement who would “just like to ask you a couple of questions”, you know in your gut that you are going to want a Maine criminal defense lawyer. For lawyers with a lot of experience dealing with the police and the District Attorney’s Office, as well as well-versed in the ways of the courtroom who can give you sound counsel and direction in dealing with a criminal matter and analyze your case, contact Bloomer Russell Beaupain. Our Maine criminal defense lawyers have been practicing for years and are no stranger to sorting out allegations of criminal behavior and finding a resolution to your unique predicament. From basic misdemeanors to manslaughter, drug citations to OUIs, corporate crimes, to fish and game violations — we can help.

While we certainly respect and admire the hardworking men and women of law enforcement, they don’t always get it right. Mistakes are made. Important rights sometimes get overlooked in the rush to get that citation written or show results on an investigation. Important rights — like being free from unreasonable search and seizures and not being coerced (or tricked) into saying something that might be misconstrued or worse — can sometimes be infringed upon.

So, if you are suddenly confronted with a legal issue of a criminal nature posing a threat to your property or person (jail time), we ask only that you do two prompt things:

  1. Respectfully decline talk to law enforcement about the allegation (i.e. stop talking), and
  2. Call us for a consult.