Disputes over land are common in Maine. Be it an issue with Land Use and Plaining Commission (LURC), your neighbors, or even your own family, property is a highly emotional touchstone. Mainers are close to their land and value sense of place. Unfortunately, one’s sense of place can become a legal quagmire and we work hard to prevent problems in the first place and solve those that arise.

One of our areas of focus involves dealing with the myriad of state land use regulation that applies to woodlands and unorganized territories. The laws and regulations are complex and often contradictory. Our team navigates them regularly and can save you a lot of expense and anguish by having us on your side in the first place.

The state isn’t your only source of concern and consternation. We also routinely handle Maine land use and property issues law involving disputes over boundaries, ownership, and easements/rights of way. These problems are disproportionately heightened when they involve family disputes or feuds, which we also handle on a regular basis. Family land issues can range from issues arising out of probate matters, disputes over use and ownership, and improvident transfers of property instituted by a family member regarding property owned by an elderly family member.